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Vessel Surge Monitoring

Make your cargo operations safer and more efficient by utilizing a real-time moored vessel monitoring solution.

Why Monitor surge?

surge is the most dangerous movement of moored vessels !

dangers of Vessel surge Motions

  • Broken mooring lines
  • Excessive movement
  • Damaged fenders
  • Damaged vessel hulls
  • Damaged loading equipment
  • Interrupted cargo operations
  • Compromised personnel safety
  • Oil spills

Uncontrolled surge movements are an important cause of major infrastructure damage and cargo operation interrruptions. 

Some of Your

BUSINESS benefits


Being able to monitor and predict vessel movements immediately reduces the risk of personnel injuries and cargo damage.


Our Measurement data are converted in real-time into vessel movement metrics, ready to interpret and act upon.


MoraSense technology never sleeps. It produces reliable measurements every second of the day in all weather conditions.


Knowing which factors affect the safety of vessels, their cargo and personnel, will help you bring down costs of operation and insurance.


Your vessel surge metrics will start rolling in, as soon as you place our equipment on your quay. No infrastructure changes are required.


If eventually something still goes wrong, your MoraSense metrics will give you meaningful insights in what caused the incident.


About our technology

Works in any weather conditions

MoraSense sensors operate at full precision regardless of weather conditions, such as rain or mist.

Unaffected by passing cranes

Unlike GPS positioning, MoraSense technology is unaffected by the surounding infrastructure.

realtime measurement data

Know what is happening with the vessels moored at your quay, at the moment it happens, without delay.

CentiMeter accuracy

Obtain measurements that have all the detail you need, to make the right decisions and act swiftly.

Surge monitoring as a Service

For years, ports have been struggling to understand what causes surge on large vessels. Attempts to provide models that describe the factors at work have been unsuccessful.

Every mooring or berthing spot has its own dynamics, that can only be understood by gathering local data. This is why MoraSense has developed a unique service that can be applied to any quay.

Our product is easy to install and manipulate, and the data it collects are processed by our advanced algorithms.  The data can be stored on site or in the cloud, independently of existing port technology infrastructure.

Start monitoring Surge

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