About Us

What we do

A robust solution for vessel surge monitoring

If you are trying to measure the movement of moored or berthed vessels, you probably know that there are many pitfalls. Obvious technologies, such as infra-red or GPS, fail to deliver reliable results.

MoraSense is proud to be the first company to tackle the problem with its industrial-grade sensors. Our solution has been developed with Ports and Terminals in mind, based on our in depth knowledge of this sector.

Where it started

Port of Antwerp Hackathon

Our team bundles knowledge about cutting-edge technology with expertise in the maritime sector. This allowed us to be among the winners of a hackathon organized by the port of Antwerp, specifically to solve the moving vessel problem.

At present, our solution is the only one that turned out to be successful. Extensive testing in cooperation with the Port of Antwerp has allowed us to prove the effectivity of our sensors to provide accurate and reliable measurements, up to the required centimetre precision.

A Complete Monitoring Service

At present, we have extended our solution to include data about factors that cause vessels to move, such as meth-ocean data and AIS data of passing ships. Our software generates real-time alerts and insightful reports to allow you to prevent hazards and optimize operations.

To make our technology available to all Ports and Terminals in the most convenient way, we have decided to offer you our solution as a service that we keep extending. This way we minimize your upfront investment and help you streamline the process of vessel monitoring, data collection and data interpretation.

If you want to know more about our solution, check out our services or talk to us about your needs